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SAIF Reimburses Employers for COVID-19 Related Expenses

SAIF Reimburses Employers for COVID-19 Related Expenses

SAIF Coronavirus worker safety fund

Supporting employee safety during the coronavirus pandemic

The $10 million coronavirus worker safety fund is designed to promote employee safety, reduce injuries, and decrease exposures by helping SAIF policyholders impacted by the coronavirus.

The fund will help pay for expenses tied to preventing the spread of coronavirus at businesses or mitigating other coronavirus-related costs.

Funds may be approved for costs such as:

  • Safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce exposure and transmission
  • Worksite cleaning services and supplies for disinfection
  • Worksite redesign or modification to respond to transmission risk
  • Employee clinic modification or additional staffing for virus-related treatment
  • Mental health and wellness initiatives for concerns linked to the crisis
  • Coronavirus and job reassignment safety training and communication
  • Reopening businesses safely after coronavirus closure

Ineligible expenses include home workstation equipment and regular staffing expenses. Use of the safety fund will not impact your workers’ compensation premiums.

Among other requirements, eligible expenses must be incurred after March 1, 2020, be clearly associated with the coronavirus crisis, and be directly related to employee safety. Policyholders can submit multiple requests over time as needs surface. Read the full expense requirements here.

SAIF will accept submissions until all funds have been expended or until the fund is terminated.

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