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Auto Insurance In Oregon

Looking for auto insurance in Bend, OR? We're an insurance agency in Bend, OR, but serve Central Oregon and beyond. We'd love for you to learn a little more about auto insurance in Oregon, so that you can get a car insurance quote that covers what you expect.

Each state has it's own laws and regulations for insurance. Although we can write insurance in many other states, we'll go over coverages applicable for our home turf in Bend, OR. The Oregon Department of Transportation regulations can be found here: ODOT, and are outlined below.

People often refer to 'full coverage insurance', but it is important to remember that insurance will never cover every potential loss and liability you may experience. Your Oregon auto insurance policy will cover damages up to the policy limits you select, subject to some exclusions. There are three primary coverages on an automobile insurance policy in Oregon, and many other optional provisions. 

  • Liability: This is for Bodily injury and property damage liability; losses you cause to others. Your auto policy will cover property damage and injuries you cause in an accident up to the policy limits. Generally these coverages are notated in the format XX/YY/ZZ, and these notations are in thousands. It is illegal to drive without insurance in Oregon, and the minimum limits to be street-legal are 25,000/50,000/20,000, shown as 25/50/25. You may be subject to lawsuits if the damages and injuries you cause are over your policy limits, so one should consider their assets when choosing limits.

    • XX refers to the maximum your policy will pay for injuries to any one person.

    • YY refers to the maximum your policy will pay for all injuries sustained, regardless of the number of people.

    • ZZ refers to the maximum your policy will pay for whatever property you damage in an accident, whether it is a car, fence building, etc.

  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): This is the coverage for injuries to you and your passengers. The minimum coverage in Oregon is 15,000.

    Reimbursement for damage to your vehicle is optional.

  • Collision insurance pays for damage to your vehicle after an auto accident, less the deductible.

  • Comprehensive insurance pays for other types of damage done to your car, such as cracked windshields, hitting an animal, rock chips, vandalism and theft. People often carry a lower deductible on comprehensive than on collision. Particularly us in Central Oregon, considering the deer and the gravel.

There are many other options for your policy, and many insurance carriers offer both standardized and unique endorsements. With over 50 Insurance companies available, we at Insight Insurance will help you find the insurance that works for you, at the price and limits that suits your needs. Contact us today for more information, and help selecting the right car insurance policy for you.